Are you a contractor, handyman or a senior care facility looking for somewhere to purchase quality bathtub cutout conversion kits for your customers?

Well you've come to right place! Imperial Bathrooms is the Canadian distributor of the patented CleanCut™ bathtub accessibility line of safety products. We're pleased to offer over 12 years of installation experience and expertise to those of you who may just be getting into the CleanCut™ installation business, or senior care facilities who would like someone to train their maintenance staff.

Our unique bathtub cutout kits feature the patented CleanCut™ bath steps. No need for a messy or expensive bathroom renovation. No matter if you choose to have your bathtub cutout kit installed by an experienced installer, general contractor or even a local handyman, the CleanCut™ line of bath accessibility products will solve your problem at a fraction of the cost and in less time!

• You get the one and only patented CleanCut™ bath steps (don't be fooled by lower quality imitations)

• CleanCut™ bath products come with a 2 part support box structure when installed supports up to 300lbs

• CleanCut™ bathtub accessibility products fit your existing bathtub

• Built-in anti-skid surface on each CleanCut™ bath step (not a sticker)

• CleanCut™ bath steps polyethylene material is almost a full 1/4 inch thick!

• The CleanCut Convertible™ and the CleanCut Door™ come with a water-proof wrap

• Extra strong water-proof adhesive/sealant is provided with each CleanCut™ bath step
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