No need for a pricey bathroom remodel.

CleanCut products work on your existing tub, and can be fully installed within just 2 to 4 hours. How great is that!

Our patented process includes clean cutting a portion of your tub, prepping the area and finally product installation.

But which of the CleanCut products will you choose?

The Step converts your existing bath into a step-in shower. It's ideal for those interested in an easier showering experience.

The Ultra-Low is almost exactly the same, except it's designed to fit high profile tubs.

The Door is very unique. In addition to an easy step-in it features a water-tight door that allows you to take a full bath.

Last but not least is the Convertible. This ground breaking product allows you to effortlessly switch from step-in tub shower to traditional tub. The removable unit is water-tight and locks on or off in moments.

If you have questions or would like products installed click or call.

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CleanCut Bathtub Safety Product Overview

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Bathtub Safety Video Transcribed