The CleanCut Convertible gives you the choice of having a step-in shower, or you can insert the easy to use water-tight plug and enjoy a full bath. The CleanCut Convertible is unique in that it provides a wide entry point if you want a walk-in shower, or it allows you to easily convert your tub back to a full tub in only seconds!

CleanCut™ walk-in tub to step-in shower cut out kit sales CleanCut Convertible DIY Bathtub to Walk-in Tub Cutout Kit. zb.png zb.png zb.png

Kit #: 807901                   Size: Large (one size only)                   Colour: White                   Availability: IN STOCK 

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• Installs in 2-3 hours
• Easy transition from a full bath to a step-in shower
• Converts your existing tub to a walk-in shower
• Removes 8" from the top and is 18.75" wide
• Fits tubs up to 6" top tub rail width
• Fits tubs up to 7" at bottom (10.5" down on inside)
• Built-in non-skid pad

• CleanCut Convertible (kit #807901)
• 2 part support box structure
• 2 tubes of industrial grade waterproof adhesive
• Adhesive angle extension
• Waterproof wrap
• Cardboard cutting template
• Installation guide

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CleanCut Convertible DIY Tub Cutout Kit - White - Large

CleanCut Convertible DIY Bathtub to Walk-in Tub Cutout Kit.
Converts Your Existing Bathtub to a Walk-in!

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