Our innovative and patented process includes cutting and removing a section of the existing tub and custom fitting a CleanCut product to allow for easier and safer accessibility. CleanCut offers multiple product options to fit your needs that can be installed quickly and for a fraction of the cost compared to other renovation options. Imperial Bathrooms offers DIY kits or can connect you with a local professional installer. Like to learn more? Check out our Overview Video!
Imperial Bathrooms offers four different affordable bathtub retrofit products that provide unique benefits and features. To understand the options and differences, please watch our Overview Video or check out our Product Page to learn more!
Options for installation of CleanCut products include purchasing a DIY kit (and installing yourself/your own installer) or connecting with and having the installation completed by a local professional installer.

DIY Kits 
DIY kits start at just $495 CAD and can be purchased online Here.

Local Professional Installer
The cost to have a CleanCut product installed typically costs just 20% of the cost compared to traditional remodeling. Interested? Please click to Find a Local Installer.
Want to become one of our installers? You can quickly and easily Register your Company for a free account. Once submitted, you’ll have access to our special wholesale pricing. Want to chat with someone about opportunities with our products? In Canada give Imperial Bathrooms a call at 1-855-707-9777, we look forward to working with you!

Installing CleanCut products offer remodelers, builders, accessibility specialists and other types of professionals a high-demand Aging in Place product that’s ideal for a growing segment of the population. There’s no cost, quota, or secret obligations to be part of our installer network. Once you’re registered, we will list you on our website of local installers (subject to sales minimums) and you will get select product discounts. In addition, we offer great marketing support, a Video Training Series and sizing guides to help get you started.

Imperial Bathrooms offers two easy ways for your community to have CleanCut products installed.

1. Do It Yourself – Imperial Bathrooms provides complete CleanCut bath accessibility kits that allows your maintenance staff to perform the install quickly and at a minimal cost. Visit our How-To and Sizing Page to view all the information needed for sizing and “how-to” install training. Ready to purchase kits? Buy kits Here or give us a call!
2. Connect with a Local Installer – Imperial Bathrooms has partnered with over a 100 Independent Installers across Canada to provide installation services. Please click To Find a Local Installer.
We offer four bathtub accessibility product choices depending on your needs and your tub.
Saves you time and money vs. messy and expensive full bathroom renovations.
You'll be getting the original award winning CleanCut™ brand of bathtub safety products.
We've partnered with over a 100 professional independent installers across Canada who can complete the install for you.
Our products are installed for about 20% of the cost of a tub renovation.
Our bathtub accessibility solutions provide easier bathtub access in only hours.
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