A preview of what to expect in our step-by-step video series . Please use these videos in conjunction with the installation guide provided in your CleanCut product kit. To view the different installation guides please CLICK HERE and you'll find them under the heading "Installation Reference & Downloads".
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1 of 9: Video Series Overview
4 of 9: Tools and Materials
2 of 9: Product Overview
3 of 9: Measuring Your Bathtub - Product Sizing
5 of 9: Preparing the Tub Area for Installation
6 of 9: Cutting the Tub
7 of 9: Measure and Trim the CleanCut™ Product
9 of 9: Flaming, Applying Adhesive & Final Steps!
8 of 9: Support Structure & Waterproof Membrane Installation
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Step-by-Step Tub Cutout Installation Video Series

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9 Part How-To Video Series - 25 Minutes in Total!