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The CleanCut Ultra-Low™ was specially designed for higher profile acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs. Using the CleanCut Ultra-Low™ conversion kit you can easily convert your existing acrylic or fiberglass tub in just hours! The CleanCut Ultra-Low™ is the answer for anyone having a hard time getting in and out of their higher profile bathtub.

Convert your existing tub to a step-in shower with the CleanCut™ tub to step-in shower kit. zb.png zb.png zb.png Imperial Bathrooms - Tub to Shower in Hours! Call Toll-Free 1-855-707-9777 Contact Imperial Bathrooms today by calling toll-free in Canada 1-855-707-9777 quick-sg-3.png 171.png

Kit #: 804801                    Size: Large (one size only)                    Colour: White                    Availability: IN STOCK 

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• Installs in 2-3 hours
• Use your existing bathtub
• Converts your existing tub to a step-in shower
• Removes 13.25" from the top and is 24" wide
• Fits tubs up to 6" top tub rail width
• Fits tubs up to 7.25" at bottom (14.75" down on inside)
• Built-in non-skid pad

• CleanCut Ultra-Low™ white (kit #804801)
• 2 part support box structure
• 2 tubes of industrial grade waterproof adhesive
• Adhesive angle extension
• Cardboard cutting template
• Installation guide

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