Adds step-in accessibility to your existing bathtub!
Completed bathtub cutout conversion using your existing bathtub Convert your existing acrylic or fiberglass with the CleanCut Ultra-Low™ With the CleanCut Door™ kit you can convert your existing bathtub into an accessible walk-in bathtub and still have a full bath! With the CleanCut Convertible™ kit you can convert your existing bathtub into an accessible walk-in bathtub and still have a full 
Removable water-tight insert to easily transition from a shower to a full bath!
Adds a left or right swinging, water-tight door. Take a full bath!
Adds step-in accessibility to higher profile soaker tubs!
You'll be getting the original award winning CleanCut brand of bathtub safety products.
We offer four bathtub accessibility product choices depending on your needs and your tub.
Whether you have a steel, fiberglass or cast iron bathtub it can be converted to a step-in shower or a walk-in.
We've partnered with over a 100 professional independent installers across Canada who install our CleanCut products in your area.
Our products are installed for about 20% of the cost of a tub renovation.
Our CleanCut bathtub accessibility solutions provide easier bathtub access in only hours.
Need a CleanCut tub cutout conversion kit installed? Or are you looking to simply purchase a DIY bathtub cutout kit? If so, you've come to the right place. Imperial Bathrooms is the exclusive distributor of all four unique CleanCut tub accessibility products in Canada. We've partnered with over 100 independent installers who would be happy to complete the installation for you. In addition, we supply some of the largest senior care facilities in the country!
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Tub to Shower and Walk-in Bathtub Accessibility Solutions

Our Low Cost Walk-in Tub and Step-in Shower Conversions Make Showering and Bathing Safer!

Four Unique Options to Fit Your Needs and Your Tub!
CleanCut Step
CleanCut Ultra-Low
CleanCut Convertible
CleanCut Door
The Imperial Bathrooms Difference!
Fully Installed in 2-3 Hours!
Use Your Existing Bathtub!
Experienced Installers Near You
Award Winning Bath Safety Products
Multiple Product Choices
Save $1000's vs Remodeling
In Canada Call : 1-855-707-9777
Office Hours : Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST or Buy Online 24/7

CleanCut Bathtub Cutout Conversions Canada

Safer Shower Access in Hours! Canada-Wide Installation or Buy DIY Kits for Just $445 CAD!

Use Your Existing Steel, Acrylic or Cast Iron Tub
Installs in Just 2-3 Hours
4 Unique CleanCut Tub Cutout Options
Save $1000's vs. a Messy Renovation
The Original High Quality Bath Accessibility System
Call Today to Get Started or Order Online Now!
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