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Canadian Independent Installer Overview & Resources

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Install Tub Modifications!

Independent installers have a limitless business opportunity when offering the CleanCut line of bathtub safety products for the ever increasing aging population in your area. In Canada the entire CleanCut line of bath safety products are exclusively available to you through us. Add our products to your existing business, or start a new one. There are currently independent installer opportunities in ALL major cities and towns across Canada. Read on or watch the video above to learn more!

Installer Support

Scroll below to find instructional videos. These are really handy and will walk you through measuring, sizing and installation of the CleanCut line of bathtub safety products.

Marketing Support

You’ll also find ample marketing support below. Further down this page you’ll find the product catalog, promotional videos, product photos for all four products, brochures, logos, and so on. These resources showcase all CleanCut products and are great for sharing with customers and generating sales.

Registering your Company

Simply give us a call and once your company is confirmed we’ll send you contractor pricing – and then you’re good to get started! There’s no cost, quota, minimum orders, area restrictions, or secret obligations to be a part of our installer network. Once you’ve signed up and place your first order we’ll put on our list of companies we can refer customers to in your service area. Have questions? Give us a call toll-free in Canada at 1-855-707-9777.

We Can Help

Imperial Bathrooms has many years of installation experience to pass on to you. We are always here to help with any questions you may have and we offer technical support as well as trouble shooting. Simply watch our easy to follow installation video series for FREE to see just how simple installing a tub cutout is. And remember, if you ever get stuck we’re just a phone call away!