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How To Feel Younger

You’ve met two people the same age and been surprised. One seems much younger or older than the other. It starts back with teenagers when one seems “all grown up” at 15, while the other is a wild child. This feeling older or younger continues throughout our lives. Our subjective ages are actually a better indicator of health, strength, memory, and longevity than our real age.

But can you make a difference in how young you feel? Apparently so, and here are a few tips.

Socializing With Younger People

The idea of hanging out with young people may make you groan inside, thinking it will just make you feel old. Strangely, the opposite is true. When an older person marries a younger person, the older one in the couple feels younger and acts younger. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for the younger spouse.

You don’t have to go so far as to marry a younger person. Have lunch. Go to a nearby tourist attraction together. Visit the grandkids.

Looking Younger Makes a Difference

Women who get their hair coloured feel younger and even see decreases in blood pressure. Balding men may look older to themselves in the mirror, which can speed up their internal aging, even increasing the rates of prostate cancer and heart disease.

So, amazingly, those cosmetic changes like colouring your hair or wearing a toupee have health-related benefits as they make us feel younger.

Redesign Your Environment

Set your environment up so that any loss in function, like memory or mobility, fades into the background.

  • You’ll feel old every time you lose your keys (even though it happens to young people, too.) So, find a system to keep track of them. Always put them in the same place, or get a “clapper” keychain.
  • When your knees hurt as you go up and down the stairs, you feel older than you would if your bedroom was on the main floor.
  • If bathing is a chore because you have trouble getting in and out of the tub or shower, you feel older. A bathtub cutout is an easy modification to your existing tub, making bathing easy again. You can manage a DIY bathtub cutout to create a walk-in bathtub if you are handy. If not, a contractor can complete the installation in just a few hours.


Eat Well and Stay Active

While there are many miracle foods, a standard healthy diet of lots of fruits and vegetables and not too much fat, sugar, or salt helps you feel younger.

Physical exercise is important to stay healthy, ward off dementia, and feel young. But you don’t have to go climb a mountain or anything. Walking is enough exercise to keep you feeling young.

Consider a bathtub cutout as part of your plan to help you feel younger.