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New Canadian Long-Term Care Residents – How Many Could Be Cared for at Home? 

Canadians want to age in place, in their own homes. Over the next 20 years, Canada’s population over 65 will grow by almost 70%. Plus, the rate of growth for the older seniors population over 75 is growing even faster. 

With proper support, many seniors could be cared for at home instead of in long-term care facilities. These supports include help with the activities of daily living (ADLs) like dressing, toileting, and eating. Bathing is also a critical area for support, especially because of the danger of a fall. 

The Canadian Institute for Health Information measured how many newly admitted long-term care residents have similar clinical profiles to seniors successfully staying at home with formal supports.  

The results are shocking!  

One in ten admitted long-term care residents could stay at home if they had the proper supports in place. These seniors are more likely to live alone, in rural areas, and most are women.  

Almost all (95%) seniors who do manage to stay home have at least one unpaid caregiver. Plus, they make modifications to their home to accommodate the increased risk of falls. According to the government of Canada, over one-third of seniors are admitted to long-term care after a hospitalization for a fall.