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The Exclusive CleanCut Distributor in Canada.

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CleanCut Ultra-Low DIY Bathtub Cutout Kit

CleanCut Ultra-Low step-in shower conversion

CleanCut Ultra-Low DIY Bathtub Cutout Kit

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Sizing Guide

  • Converts your existing tub to a step-in shower
  • Fits higher profile acrylic or fiberglass tubs
  • Installs in just 2-3 hours!
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CleanCut Ultra-Low DIY Bathtub to Step-in Shower Cutout Kit.

Converts Your Existing Deep Soaker Tub to a Step-in Shower!

The CleanCut Ultra-Low™ was specially designed for higher profile acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs. Using the CleanCut Ultra-Low conversion kit you can easily convert your existing acrylic or fiberglass tub in just hours! The CleanCut Ultra-Low is the answer for anyone having a hard time getting in and out of their higher profile bathtub. Removes approx. 13.25″ from the top of your tub and has a 24″ wide opening! Please note: the minimum inside depth of your tub must be at least 15″ for the ultra-low to be installed.

CleanCut Ultra-Low Sizing

Large: (one size only) Fits tubs up to a 6″ top rail width and a maximum width of 7.25″ at the 14.75″ point down on the inside of your tub.

*Tip on measuring the bottom width. Make a mark 14.75″ down on the inside of your tub where you plan to install the CleanCut Ultra-Low at the widest point. Using a 2 foot level put the bottom of the level on the mark you made and hold the level vertically making sure it’s level. Using a measuring tape, measure from the edge of the level that’s facing the outside of your tub to the outside top rail. This will give you the bottom measurement.

CleanCut Ultra-Low DIY Kit Includes

• CleanCut Ultra-Low unit
• 2 part support box structure
• 2 tubes of industrial grade waterproof adhesive
• Adhesive angle extension
• Cardboard cutting template
• Installation guide

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Installation Videos

1 of 9: Video Series Overview
2 of 9: Product Overview
3 of 9: Measuring Your Bathtub – Product Sizing
4 of 9: Tools and Materials
5 of 9: Preparing the Tub Area for Installation
6 of 9: Cutting the Tub
7 of 9: Measure and Trim the CleanCut™ Product
8 of 9: Support Structure & Waterproof Membrane Installation
9 of 9: Flaming, Applying Adhesive & Final Steps!

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21 reviews for CleanCut Ultra-Low DIY Bathtub Cutout Kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    very good product easy to follow instructions and has helped my wife immenseley

  2. 5 out of 5

    This was most affordable for me to make the changes needed to our bath tub for my aging Mom and her mobility issues. This has been a great change for my Mom's independence. Thank you

  3. 5 out of 5

    My son-in-law, who is a handy man type person, looked at the videos and said, I think I can do that. He put it in, in about 4 hours, that included 2 trips to the hardware store to pick some things up that he needed. The bathtub had the cold air return running under it, which meant that he could not use the plastice inserts. He made it work with wood and I am enjoying not climbing over my tub sides every day. I am glad we went this route instead of pulling everything out and putting in a walk-in shower. The cost of the walk-in woudl have been close to $5,000. according to Home Depot. I am very happy with how things have gone.

  4. 5 out of 5

    This product is great to help be safe going in the bath to take a shower. Great service and fast delivery. Thanks!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Had a little adjustment due to slope of tub but overall really good instruction and quite easy to do.